The first two editions of the Post-graduation and Master course in Agriculture Information Management and Precision Farming at the University of Cape Verde and the Catholic University of Mozambique will benefit from the ArcGIS Site License protocol established between the New University of Lisbon and Esri, for an unlimited number of annual licenses of Esri software.

This protocol aims to meet the licensing needs of a diverse and comprehensive GIS (Geographic Information Systems) solutions together, promoting the use of the latest technologies related to the processing and analysis of spatial information on various activities of teaching and research and development.

Thus, students of the first two editions of AgIM have free access to a license of ArcGIS software (Student Edition) for the duration of the course as well as several courses of ESRI Virtual Campus: GIS Training and Education on the Web. This software license is temporally limited to the period of enrollment in the course and should be used only for academic purposes, and is forbidden its commercial use.