Proposed Approach

The AgIM project proposes an innovative and sustainable approach to capacity building for an advanced, quality education, a scientific and technological area considered of strategic importance to the pursuit of socio-economic development policies underway in Cape Verde and Mozambique.

Throughout the first edition of the course NOVA IMS teachers will be responsible for the theoretical and theoretical-practical courses that are part of the curriculum, while promoting the formation of the teaching staff of the two partner institutions and their involvement in a  wide number of activities, to create institutional, administrative and academic conditions necessary for the transfer and adaptation of academic and pedagogical models to local and regional needs.

This “handover” will take place gradually, over the two editions of the master program, and will be based on quality criteria and the use of new resources and information and communication technologies in order to promote compliance of the education to the needs and specificities of the labor market in accordance with regional and national priorities of socioeconomic development.

Through this approach is intended to ensure effective transfer of knowledge (technical, educational and scientific fields) to partner institutions – assumption considered essential to the sustainability of the process and the evolution and emancipation of the project of Advanced education in Agricultural Information Management and Precision Farming in UniCV and UCM.