Pilot Projects

Through the implementation of two pilot demonstration projects, the consortium will develop a repository that will support the exchange of experiences and best practices in the precision farming master programme, promoting the development of meaningful skills targeting to address the specific needs of small farmers and indigenous communities.

The establishment of two pilot demonstration projects (PDP) will promote a close collaboration between small farmers, rural communities, researchers, teachers and students, as well as the creation of an information base and groundwork that will further support the implementation of precision farming concepts, methods and techniques in the adaptation and actualization of existing agricultural curricula.

Therefore the PDP will be designed to favour the development of long-lasting information mechanisms and the sharing of experiences and practices throughout Cape Verde and Mozambique.

For this purpose the AgIM master students, under the coordination of the faculty staff, will be responsible for creating and maintaining a website with detailed information about the characteristics, objectives, approaches, methods and results of the pilot demonstration projects, aiming at providing guidance and good practices for the adoption of precision farming in developing countries.