Activity Areas

Activity Area 1 - Managing Action Activities
Transversal to the whole project, the set of activities included in this activity. becomes a means towards its execution, enabling its implementation (including monitoring, reviewing and reporting), evaluation and auditing.
Activity Area 2 - Creating academic and management capacities in partner’s faculties
The purpose of this activity is to enhance the overall academic and management/administration capacity in partners faculties. In order to foster capacity building and regional integration, this activity will comprise a set of activities especially designed to upgrade the qualifications of academic and management/administration staff of the two partners.
Activity Area 3 - Developing the AgIM Master Curriculum
This activity comprises a set of activities related with the construction of the AgIM master curriculum, dealing with all aspects of curriculum design, structuring and organization, and including all activities connected with the creation and production of its key elements (e-books, self-evaluation exams, recommended bibliography; internet resources; practical exercises, study cases, lecture presentations, final exams, learning activities, repositories of data, etc.).
Activity Area 4 - Establishing and managing two Pilot Demonstration Projects
This activity includes a vast range of activities related with the establishment of two pilot demonstration projects (one in each partner country) that will play a crucial role throughout the Action. In fact, it is expected that the knowledge and experience acquired through the implementation of these two Pilot Demonstration Project will contribute to develop a critical analysis and evaluation of the adequacy of the master programme, whilst also providing deeper insights into the approaches and strategies that may support more effective and relevant education programmes in Mozambique and Cape Verde.
Activity Area 5 - Delivering two editions of the AgIM Master Program
This activity includes the teaching activities (lectures, tutorial sessions, seminars, projects/dissertation supervision, evaluation, etc.), related with the delivery of two editions of the AgIM Master Program in Mozambique and Cape Verde.
Activity Area 6 - Developing and promoting dissemination activities
This activity comprises a set of major dissemination and exploitation activities designed to mainstream and sustain good practices of precision farming education in developing countries and to increase inter-institutional networking options between partners.