AgIM Post Graduate and Master Course

In accordance with regional and national priorities for socio-economic development of Cape Verde and Mozambique, the Program of Postgraduate Studies and MSc in Agricultural Information and Precision Farming aims to meet the needs of advanced training and qualified professionals in a scientific field and technological considered strategically important for further development policies underway in both countries.

The course aims to provide the necessary framework for the knowledge of the technical, scientific and organizational aspects related to Agricultural Information Management and Precision Farming, to ensure ownership of spatial analysis techniques and ensure the necessary integration of skilled professional skills in several policy areas prioritized for development.

The course aims to provide the conditions for students from diverse scientific areas to continue a process of lifelong learning, enabling the development and deepening of knowledge and skills previously acquired, ensuring the conditions for an academic specialization, using the research activity, as well as recognition of their professional skills.

On completing the program of the course students will be able to apply their knowledge in various areas of activity, covering the following professional fields: public administration and land management, environment, natural resource management and sustainable development, agronomy, education and research, among others.